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What is JLevel?

JLevel is a fast new way to write Html in Java Application without actually writing any Html Tag. It is a non-standard Java library. The idea behind JLevel is  simple! It was around providing Java developer a sort of multi-line coma or plus sign separated String Array that replaces any amount of Html that developer desires. One the content is code the Array is passed over to a processing method as implemented and that's it. In no time the developer will be presented with a more beautiful DOM/Browser-looking GUI text.
JLevel allows the developer to be creative and more productive, code fast and even write less code than using standard Java Html style. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling and animation simpler. With an easy-to-use in-line and embedded css style developer armed with Java Swing Frame and text display component such as label, button, EditorPane etc can develop GUI without writing too much Java code. Its syntax follows that of pure Java code but once inside the JLevel-style-Array developer can code thinking outside the box. All the limitation that that standard Java style Html posed on the developer has been eradicated completely by JLevel and this is why this project is far from reinventing the wheel. 
JLevel is an opensource library and will remain so, so ensure you read the MIT-License before you use the product. 

About the Author

JLevel is a project developed by Kelechi C Ofoleta (, as a 2012 summer project. Kelechi C Ofoleta graduated in  Computer Science (Major) and Information Systems(Major) from Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand.

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