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Friday, 15 March 2013

Publication for Java Developers about JLevel 2.0 Full

Kogonuso JLevel - a simple java library that has changed the way html can be written inside Java(tm) both application and Servlet.
It is a library that is more than your ordinary Html parser applications. It has automated all tagging operations of Html inside java, this means that you are no longer required to learn how to format html String when developing application that requires html in java or even when using Servlet technology to develop your websites. Just import JLevel 2.0 and turn all the tag elements that you have ever known into simple method call.

The best is there for you to discover as JLevel not only stripped off tagging in Java html , it has formulated series of shortcuts by abstracting redundant html codes that we have often repeatedly written saving you valuable time.
You will no longer dread including html as a formatting tool in your java application when you use JLevel 2.0.

Another important feature that JLevel 2.0 has made possible inside java is the ability to use css as if you are developing for the web. Just use JLevel’s css container method and embed unlimited css inside the same one container making it easy to maintain. It is certainly true that embedded document with embedded codes like css loads faster than documents that have link to an external file due to effect of round trip that the server and the client must go through to process the request. With JLevel 2.0, if you accept it use its saveAsJsp(...) and saveAsHtml(...) methods you will be glad you did as the page that you will get quality formatting and arrangement as described above made possible by JLevel. Most importantly, it is not twice as fast to format a document in Java application and Servlet as before. Imagine writing p("...") and you get a full well-formed paragraph text. Or what about this p("color:cyan;","...") for a paragraph with inline css style.

Please read the documentation included in the downloadable file to understand the re-engineering that JLevel 2.0 has undergone that has ultimately made JLevel 1.0.0 obsolete and therefore no longer available for download.

Enjoy this good library from Kogonuso!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Get Ready for JLevel 2.0 - the simple tag free html java code library

Go ahead and start forgetting what they taught you regarding counting HTML Tags both in web Development and java coding as these will become obsolete with JLevel 2.0.

It will provide experience that will seem fulfilling just like when web 2.0 took over the norm of WWW/Internet interaction and remained so today.

Nothing new to learn if you already know Java and Html. Your knowledge of JLevel 1.0.0 Beta WILL NOT BE useful with JLevel 2.0 as this is totally re-engineered library.
The purpose is still the same - to make programing and web development never feel like a drag anymore for developer that uses Html,Css JavaScript,jQuery and other scripts.

It will be simple that you will forget that Html ever has close set (tags). That is you will never worry about closing the open tag that takes attributes or in-line style and closing tag at all, all these have be automated. Furthermore,all self closing tags are have been taken care of.

Watch out for the preview code here in the coming weeks.

JLevel 2.0 Sample code

function showLineNumbers() { /************************************ * Written by Andreas Papadopoulos * * * * * ************************************/ var isIE = navigator.appName.indexOf('Microsoft') != -1; var preElems = document.getElementsByTagName('pre'); if (preElems.length == 0) return; for (var i = 0; i < preElems.length; i++) { var pre = preElems[i]; var oldContent = pre.innerHTML; oldContent = oldContent.replace(/ /g," "); var strs = oldContent.split("
"); if (isIE) { strs = oldContent.split("
"); } oldContent = oldContent.substring(4); //remove the 1st
var newContent = "
"; newContent = "
"; for(var j=1; j < strs.length - 1; j++) { newContent += j+".
"; } newContent += "
"; newContent += oldContent; newContent += "
"; pre.innerHTML = newContent; } }

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

JLevel on Java(TM) Servlet - the way to reduce Java coding drastically

The major reason why JSP and JSF come into play is that developers heat the idea of mixing html with Java code. How about an alternative that will require you not to throw away your Servlet skills? Thia is exactly what JLevel have done and the next version will surely be better.

How about instead of this Java Servlet:

You write this JLevel Servlet:

Check out JLevel documentation and give it a try. Those who have mastered JLevel thinks that it feels like writing normal Java code and nothing really different. It is faster and it is clearer. Try it today

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Code fast,Code less and design like never before...

Folks are you still writing Html Tags inside your Java Application to create nice looking GUI? Wait for it ...emergency meeting by your Boss is imminent for failure to keep abreast with latest technology and knowledge. Prevent this ugly embarrassment today by downloading JLevel -Java Html Tag re placer library. It is handy fast, easy to learn Java Application library developed by Kogonuso. Afterwords let your Boss know about JLevel even though you know that s/he might be aware of JLevel already. Yeah you clever developer! Lol! JLevel is available almost everywhere on the web, though released just six days ago as JLevel v1.0.0. Get your own copy by googling JLevel Library or point your browser to these web addresses : or or JLevel Home or or or JLevel@facebook or JLevel@Twitter or JLevel@g+ etc Let the developer know what you think afterwords, your feedback will be considered towards the full version release soon.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Turn Java Array into Html in minutes

The idea behind JLevel is simple: turn basic Java Array into Html quickly and seamlessly to produce eye catching Java application GUI. Works even with Android development Java App.
Start coding JLevel style today and be more productive! Time is money and that's all you need to beat the rush hour!