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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Code fast,Code less and design like never before...

Folks are you still writing Html Tags inside your Java Application to create nice looking GUI? Wait for it ...emergency meeting by your Boss is imminent for failure to keep abreast with latest technology and knowledge. Prevent this ugly embarrassment today by downloading JLevel -Java Html Tag re placer library. It is handy fast, easy to learn Java Application library developed by Kogonuso. Afterwords let your Boss know about JLevel even though you know that s/he might be aware of JLevel already. Yeah you clever developer! Lol! JLevel is available almost everywhere on the web, though released just six days ago as JLevel v1.0.0. Get your own copy by googling JLevel Library or point your browser to these web addresses : or or JLevel Home or or or JLevel@facebook or JLevel@Twitter or JLevel@g+ etc Let the developer know what you think afterwords, your feedback will be considered towards the full version release soon.

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